Friday, 25 July 2014

A "Craft Room" Exposed! My shocking before pictures

I am feeling very honoured to have the lovely Darnell comment on my blog, follow me and then introduce me in her post today!!  After a pretty awful day at work I have huge crafty smiles!! :)

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and I have a crafty weekend planned so I will have a bit more to blog about when Sunday gets here. However, I have a confession to make about the appalling state of the room I decided would be my craft room when I moved in to my new flat (that's a vague use of the word new - it was nearly 2 years ago).

So, I have decided to confess up and expose my "craft room" in it's current terrible state. I've hardly crafted in the 2 years I have lived here and it shows................but that is about to change :)  By the end of August I will be a sparkling example of organised crafting (or close anyway), I have lots of plans and solutions pinned on my pinterest so I have no excuse.

So here is my the left

and to the right....that looks a teeny bit organised in a photo

And this is currently a built in wardrobe, and as I rent I am stuck with it, - but I have plans that I feel really motivated to achieve now......

And the rest of the "stash"......I blame the bike to be honest for giving me a cycling and triathlon addiction that distracts me from crafting.  Yep I'm definitely blaming the bike!!

So my confession is done and the truly awful state of my crafting exposed!  I do feel motivated to sort it though and post some pics of a vast improvement on 31st August :)


  1. I blame the bike as well!! Mine's in the garage hung up high. Join us on a WOYWW Wednesday and you will see that most of us crafters are the same..... but we don't all blame the bike! lol

  2. Welcome to blogland! (found your blog through Darnell) I can sort of relate! Two years ago, I couldn't even walk through my craft room, and I did a complete over haul. It looked wonderful (for a short time) Now I keep adding things back in the room, and I am having a difficult time keeping it nice and organized (then I wonder why I can't find anything to craft I find it the most difficult room to keep organized...thanks for sharing...

  3. Shocking! I hereby absolve the bike of all responsibility! I am looking forward to seeing the shiny tidy example of the room by the end of next month . . . and all the wonderful creations I just KNOW you will be happy making . . . when you can find some space!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Hi Rachel ... popped over from Darnell's to say welcome to the land of blog ... you're going to love it! You have a whole room to make into your craft space? How fabulous ... it's going to look and feel great ... but get that bike hung up in the cupboard, it won't be as distracting there!! Anita :)

  5. How brave you are to post those pictures! You will NEVER see my craft space.......and I might not, either, because of all the stacks and heaps! Ha!!!

    I am so impressed that you are a cyclist/triathlete!!! Good for you. I just live in my cave and become ,more and more a permanent part of the chair that's at my craft table/computer. Eeeek!

    Looking fwd to seeing all your innovations and renovations with your wonderful craft space!!!

    Don't miss the ginormous new-follower smile I put on my blog for you today!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. Yup I think the bike must be to blame!! SO you will have to just forfeit sleep and craft nights :)

  7. Hello Rachel,
    I sympathise with your craft room situation! I have been trying to reorganise my craft supplies for a month now and am only just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! I decided to be absolutely ruthless and cull stuff that is no longer to my taste, but it is hard to do this when you have a collecting new crafty stuff addiction. Stay strong and you will get the room you want but if it all gets too much, you can always pop out for a ride on your bike to blow the cobwebs away. Welcome to the land of blogging and I know you will find so many friendly people here.
    Carol x

  8. Hi Rachel, I look forward to your cards and thanks for following me!! I will not show you my craft room under any circumstances!!! ;-)

  9. Hee hee, poor scapegoat bike! Looking fwd to seeing the transformation ...

  10. I love these pics, it looks so much like my present craft room, which I am fully intending to organise . . . someday! Trouble is, I go in to organise and end up card making instead! Have a great week! Hazel xx